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Dashing through the snow
In the Tappi open sleigh!
O'er the fields he go
Presents on the road!

Collect gifts and donuts to celebrate this
white Christmas!
Tappi Tappi Xmas!!

Wizard Tappi Potter, it's Halloween time,
let's play a trick!
Use the powerful spell to match candies
and find out the Legendary Donuts!
Ready? TAPPI!

How many candies you can eat?
How many donuts you can find?
Spell the spell!! TAPPI TAPPI!!

Tappi Bear had a farm, Ei-I-Ei-I-O
And on this farm he had some chicks

Could you help Tappi to take care the
cluck cluck here?
Could you kick away the muddy cluck?
Everywhere a cluck cluck!

Tappi Bear, Look at there, that's the
Donut Tree!
Let's climb up the tree and collect all the

We are hungry~How high you can reach?
Show us your nimble skill,
dodge those armed bears and chicks,
pluck as much Donuts as you can!

Tappi Bear, ultimately is not a matter of
petty techniques but of my DONUTS!

Strength, Endurance & Flexibility!

Defend your Donuts!
Knock down the hungry and
naughty Bears?
Whirl your Nunchaku and give them a
Dragon Punch!

Tappi Bear, the enemies are coming!
Show me your courage, feed them with
Donuts! Ninja Showdown!!

Can you defeat those Ninja Tappis?
Do you have enough Donuts?
Don't let the enemy bears and also the
UFOs go,
Give them a Donut Head Shoot!

Tappi Bear, roll your hands and move
your hip, let's dance.....
Who steal my Donut?!

Which naughty Tappi stole the donut?
Can you help to catch the petty thief?
Pay attention, remember the last donut
location and tap the bear.
Follow the rhythm, Let's Dance!

Tappi Bear, prepare your ejector and
jump into the meteorite space! Yes Sir!!

How far can you reach?
How many donuts can you get?
Dodge the crazy meteorite shower and
your Tappi friends,
start off your great space adventure!