Orange little bear, no roar but always sing "Tappi Tappi". Want to be a big star and donut is his favorite.
Little bro of Triplets. Greedy, vivid, naughty but Kawaii! Love hide n seek, and all kind of sweets.
2nd Eldest of Triplets. Energetic, brisk and sporty. Love all kind of sports except swimming.
Eldest of Triplets. Lazybone, reticent but wise. Love nap, daydream, board games and japanese green tea.
Disguised himself as a pirate. Niggard, stingy but caring. Love treasures and his new iPhone......
In-migrate from North Pole. Heavy nearsighted, nervous and negligent. Love sun bath but can't too much.
Murmuring bear with bad temper. Impatient but have sense of justice. Addicted to martial art, Rock n Roll.
Happy and joyful little chicks appear in sunny day. They sing, they dance and they love each other.